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Business Opportunity​

Here's The Perfect Business Opportunity

  • Add to an existing restoration business.
  • Can be run in inhabited areas.
  • No need for additional air movers.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • The most powerful system on the market.
  • Complete freedom of working at your own pace.
  • One 3 day rental more than pays for your first system.
  • Remove smoke from cars, fire aged homes and businesses with our hydroxyl generators.
  • Earn up to $150 or more per hour.*

Start Your New Odor Remediation Business Today

Odor removal has become big business, now that lawyers got involved. And what about smoke remediation? Did you know insurance companies pay contractors up to $2000 for a 4 day 2 man job to "get rid of" smoke damage caused by a small kitchen fire? Ridiculous but true.
Homeowners, apartment dwellers, property management companies, hotels, etc now have access to easy to use systems which eliminate odor problems. Toxic smoke odor is so dangerous that breathing it can cause permanent lung damage and even death. The lack of competition has allowed the major players to charge outrageous amounts of money for simply setting up hydroxyl generators then coming back later to pick them up. There's more to odor remediation than that, however, it doesn't justify the prices they're charging. (upwards of $1000 for a 1-day job that takes a few hours of labor).

Because there is both a need and a demand for our odor remediation products worldwide, you should consider getting into the odor remediation business locally where you now reside. The simple fact is that if you can even find someone to rent you a hydroxyl generator, they often want an arm and a leg for the rental. That alone prices most folks out of the market. What if you could offer the product at 50-70% below the national averages in your local area and still double your money? You could sell, rent, and use hydroxyl generators, save people money, and make good money in the process.

What if you were to start your own odor removal business in your own neck of the woods and you could charge a fraction of what the "big boys" charge and perhaps even provide a better service? Think you would be able to make money?
The simple fact is that there is a need in every community around our country and perhaps even worldwide that currently is not being met. Here are but a few of your prospective clients:

Hotels, Motels, etc. In humid areas, all motels should shock each room at least once a month to prevent mold from growing, to kill existing odors and to keep the rooms from smelling "musty". If someone smokes in a room, they'll need to perform a shock treatment to permanently remove the smoke damage. If someone vomits in a hotel room or a pet has an accident, ozone can also come to the rescue. Give your business card to all of the local hotel and motel operators. Tell them about your low rates and the quality of your hydroxyl generators.

Property Management Companies. When someone trashes a place and moves out, an odor removal treatment can save the day. Give your business card to all of the local property management companies. Tell them about your low rates and the quality of your hydroxyl generators.

Auto Dealerships. Smoke damage, mold damage, etc can ruin a car's resell value. Pass your business cards out to the local car dealerships and tell them about your guaranteed odor removal service.

Schools, Universities. Sports equipment stinks to high heaven and can harbor harmful bacteria that can make kids sick. Offer your services to the sports departments.

Place free ads on Craigslist There aren't many businesses that can make money without spending any money on marketing and advertising. This is such a business! You can get a lot of work from Craigslist ads, both odor removal treatments locally and also renting hydroxyl generators or selling them locally. Some people would rather buy something they can hold in their hands vs something on the Internet. That's where the local dealers come into play!

All it takes to start your own business is a few hydroxyl generators. This is a growth industry with little or no competition and best of all, it doesn't take much to learn the business and anyone with any sales experience or ambition can do quite well from day one.

Expand an existing business!

Our air purification systems and odor removal business are great additional revenue streams for many businesses including but not limited to:

Carpet cleaning, dry cleaners, fire restoration, HVAC installers, Vacuum Cleaners Sales, Janitorial Supply Houses, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors and more. Just about any business can enjoy increased profits by adding air purification to their bottom line.

*Income disclaimer - It's important to be clear about one thing... as with any business venture, we cannot guarantee your income or success. We do guarantee to provide you with the finest quality hydroxyl generators to help you achieve your goals. Your success is based entirely upon how hard you are willing to work at this business. This is a very rewarding career. You'll actually be helping and improving peoples lives by providing them with the best possible living environment in regards to the quality of the air they are breathing whether they are at home or at work.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Your New Income Can Be Used To:

  • Buy A New Home!
  • Get Yourself Out Of Debt!
  • Pay For Medical Bills!
  • Have A Great Retirement Income!
  • Pay For Your College Education!
  • Buy The Car Of Your Dreams!
  • Get That Boat You've Wanted!
  • Earn Money For Great Vacations!
  • Have Money To Donate To Charity!
  • Save For Your Children's Education!