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Ozone Is Good and Natural
Ozone is one of the most beneficial substances on this
planet, and the BAD science you may have heard quoted
on the news may be causing you to be
afraid of nature subconsciously, and therefore, a part of life itself. They
tell you that somehow hydrogen plus nitrogen or sulfur
equals ozone. H + N + S = 03? Not on this planet doesn't!

What is ozone? Put, oxygen. Three atoms of nature's
oxygen. It exists in a very active form for about 30 minutes
before breaking down into two atoms of regular oxygen by
giving up an atom of singlet oxygen.

Where does ozone originate? Nature and nature are efficient.
The new growth in the forests, the trees, the grass on your
front lawn, and the plankton in the ocean are continually
creating oxygen. As you read this, this oxygen is rising
into the atmosphere where the ozone layer is. In the region
of the ozone layer, the sun is bombarding oxygen with the sun's photochemical energy in the form of ultraviolet (UV rays). The UV energy bombardment changes the oxygen from 02 - two atoms of stable oxygen, into 03 - three atoms of unstable active oxygen. We call this pure form of oxygen, "ozone." The using up of UV rays to create ozone is how the ozone layer shields us from their harmful effects. All of this is part of the natural process of life in this living biosphere called earth. The chemical formula for this is 3O2 > UV > 203.

Ozone is heavier than the oxygen in the atmosphere, newly created ozone falls back to earth, eventually giving us one atom of oxygen, it changes back to 02. It is immediately replaced by more rising oxygen, which is also soon changed into ozone by the sun. The ozone falls to earth and is all around us, purifying our water and air, decomposing bacteria, molds, and fungi. It is the fresh smell of laundry dried outdoors in the country. It is the fresh air by a clean seashore and the sweet smell of the air after a lightning storm. Lightning, also possessing photochemical and electrical energy, creates ozone as well.

Ozone has always been with us in nature, and the fact that ozone gives off that single oxygen atom is a significant factor in toxic waste cleanup technology.

03 Ozone is not as stable as regular 02 oxygen because it has that extra atom of 01 attached to it. Ozone will readily give up this extra atom of 01 and revert it to stable oxygen again. This giving off of the 01 is the reason why nature uses ozone. Ozone will kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and molds by attaching, oxidizing, and eliminating them. Oxidizing means burn without giving off light or heat. These bacteria, etcetera, are lower life forms organisms and are mostly anaerobic. That means they can't live around activated oxygen/ozone.

Most European and several major US cities have been purifying water, sewage, and toxic dump sites with ozone, some for over 70 years. Ozone-based systems can even break down PCBs and all other industrial chemical wastes, both organic and inorganic. Ozone-based systems create enough of thee singlet oxygen atoms to oxidize anything unnatural found in our air, water, sewage, and sediment. Ozone is so safe that it used on humans and animals as a water purifier at Marine World and in the Olympic swimming pools.

Ozone-based systems purify 99% of every liquid, gas, or toxic substance coming out of any industrial operation. The engineers even tell me we can include radiation in the list. Why isn't some ozone system being used?

Nature constantly works through the balancing out of different electrical, magnetic, and chemical changes. Nature tries to clean up pollution in the air and, in effect, creating a "sending" ozone into the affected areas to oxidize and clean up the pollution. What got us into this mess was the old idea that the earth and water and air magically combined into one giant "sponge," where we could "toss it out" and it would all disappear. Well, our sponge is full now, and although nature still tries, ocean polluting and rainforest clear-cutting have significantly choked off nature's means of cleanup - Ozone!


At times, an isolated and questionable report will surface in the scientific literature, telling of animals exposed to ozone who developed lung irritation. SUPER HIGH concentrations used in some studies which are way beyond the suggested typical medical Protocols!

Industrially, ozone air purifies have been in use for decades. There have been no problems associated with their use, when used in average-sized rooms, at the recommended government established safe, healthy levels. Enlightened hospital operating rooms commonly use ozone air purifiers to keep everything sterile. The doctors and nurses aren't falling over dead, are they?

Ozone air sterilizer/ purifiers/ deodorizers are commonly used: by hotel chains to remove odors. Car dealers use ozone to give old cars that new car smell. Morgues use ozone to get rid of formaldehyde odors. Schools use it when they refinish a floor, this way they don't have to close the school because of the dangerous refinishing chemical odors. Ozone is commonly used in bars, comedy clubs, and restaurants to remove 2nd hand smoke. Fitness, exercise clubs, and gymnasiums, so patrons don't smell body odor; they only smell the fresh air and report increased endurance and strength; by grain storage building owners who report an end to mold and rot.

Owners of animal excretion soiled stable, barns, veterinary kennels, and professional dog and horse racing paddocks love them. If the animals could talk, they would probably echo this sentiment, and describe the air as fresh as a day in the country.

Do you have any smoke damaged goods? Do you have fire damaged furniture? Stick it in a room with an ozone air purifier running full tilt, and in a few days, the useless items are now smoke-free. There are endless applications for use wherever stale, polluted, and toxic odors exist.
Factory and closed-up-tight office workers could ask management to install ozone air purifiers. Management would benefit at the bottom line, because happy oxygenated workers are more efficient workers, cheerier to customers, and don't need as many sick days. In the fifties, if you placed ozone air lamps in schools, absenteeism dropped. Commercial clothes dryers came with UV ozone lamps in them. The federal government required its use in all government restrooms. If your home or work air stinks, think of ozone solutions!

If a foolish person spent a long period, and sat only inches from an ozone generator on full blast and breathed deeply, they might have cell lysis (destruction) problems. But no one is advocating doing that, and anyone who does this has too much time on their hands!

"Ozone is smog" is a great, quick, one-liner for the media to the hype, but it is far from reality! This "instant journalism created hysteria" is so bad that the "Earth Day" environmental organizations even emblem their signs with well-meaning but uninformed slogans. In a twisted way, people subconsciously are made to fear the very act of breathing, so that every breath taken on a hot summer day in the city is tainted with a fear of life itself.

At the home level, many thousands of people are now exploring these pollution control devices. One of the simplest methods of using ozone at home is by installing a home ozone air or water purifier. They do a fine job for general air and water purification.