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How Hydroxyl Ions Work​​​​

Ultraviolet Hydroxyl Ions are a marvel of nature. In the
upper atmosphere, hydroxyl ion help protects our planet
from the sun's harmful radiation. Closer to earth, hydroxyl
ions purify and sanitize the air we breathe, the water we drink,
and food we eat. Long used in medical testing, hydroxyl ions
have shown remarkable antibacterial, anti-viral, and
anti-fungal activity. 

Hydroxyl ion are highly mobile and can dilute into the air,
flow over surfaces and seep into fabrics and crevices.
Hydroxyl ions are unique molecules that seek out and
destroy the organic molecules that form much of the indoor
pollutants we are faced with on a daily basis in our homes
and workplaces. Whether the pollutants are from biological
or chemical sources, Maximum odor removal machines rapidly
oxidize them by taking highly reactive O1 molecules in the air
and combines them with hydrogen atoms (H)  to make (OH-)
safe hydroxyl ions. Hydroxyl ions are one of the strongest ways
nature has to clean the air. All of our Maximum odor removal
machines use 254nm or 365nm ultraviolet light to duplicate
nature's cleaning ability to control odors and bacteria. This
process very effectively deodorizes, disinfects, and destroys
many of the pathogens and fumes that poison the indoor air. 

In nature, hydroxyl ions are formed by the sun's ultraviolet rays and the high energy electrical discharges that happen during lightning storms. 

Hydroxyl ions can also be reproduced scientifically in safe, controlled quantities. 

Hydroxyl ions continuously applied in slightly elevated concentrations is an extremely effective, safe, and economical method of reducing common household bacteria, fungi, molds, mildew, and viruses on surfaces in our rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and in the air we breathe. By oxidizing the byproducts of decay, Hydroxyl ions rapidly eliminate the allergens from dust mites and other arthropods. Hydroxyl ions can also eliminate harmful chemical gases that are emitted from plywood, carpet, glue, paint, many indoor cleaners, etc.. The powerful oxidizing action of hydroxyl ions quickly reduce trapped chemical residues to harmless byproducts.